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Pool would unite Northsiders


To the editor,

Growing up on the Northside of Madison, the cleanest place to swim was the Warner Park lagoon, although it was definitely not the safest choice with no lifeguards on duty and many drop-offs. I longed for a pool to swim in, so I went through my neighborhood gathering signatures to petition for a pool.

Fast forward 50 years, I believe now more than ever that our community would benefit greatly by having a pool built at the Warner Park Community Recreation Center, especially with the frequent closing of our beaches. I can’t think of a better way to bring together our diverse families, friends and neighbors, young and old, regardless of their income or race. The WPCRC was built as a gathering place for the community. The Circle of Friends has the money to pay for a feasibility study; all we need is a letter from Mayor Soglin in support for the pool if the money can be raised to build it.

Laura Knoche
Circle of Friends

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