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Northside Planning Council - NPC

Our History

Our Story

The Northside Planning Council began in 1993 with City support and has grown into one of Madison’s most successful and effective community organizations. NPC serves the 22,500 residents and businesses in north Madison and works with diverse community leaders from neighborhood, business, senior, faith, school and community center groups. Our dedicated and passionate volunteer citizen leaders assess the needs of the Northside community, develop partnerships and actively lead community organizing and economic development efforts to meet our community’s goals and address issues.

Over the last decade, we have delved deeply into local food systems. This work includes the creation of FEED Kitchens, FEED Bakery & Training Program, Healthy Food For All, and the Madison Public Market’s MarketReady Program.

NPC's Major Accomplishments

Our Timeline

30 years of community transformation!

30 Years of NPC

Northside Planning Council

The mission of the Northside Planning Council is to improve the quality of life and foster equity on the Northside through community organizing and economic development.

Our Major Initiatives

Northside Economic Development Coalition

Northside Economic Development Coalition