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Northside Planning Council - NPC

NPC Executive Director’s Column: August/September 2018

Abha Thakkar

What does NPC do and why does it matter?25 logo 300x300 1
The Northside Planning Council celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year. It’s been 25 years of Northsiders transforming their community through relationship-building and civic engagement.

NPC has a long list of community organizing and community development accomplishments from its first 25 years, but while our work is grounded on the Northside, it’s about so much more than this little corner of Madison. NPC is conducting a civic experiment in how to nurture our democracy back to health and foster an economy that truly sustains working class families.

It’s about meeting families where they are at — creating and supporting the organizations and collaborations that meet families’ basic needs and then support their engagement in civic life.

It’s about developing local businesses that can pay a living wage and still compete against much larger corporations.

It’s about fostering local food autonomy and an abundant, efficient local food system.

It’s about mitigating the effects of gentrification before it drives out vulnerable families and undermines the diversity of the Northside.

It’s about keeping the wealth, natural resources and talent of our community in the hands of its members.

It’s about valuing the work of women and all others who nurture families and communities and create social capital without compensation.

It’s about building diverse leadership at a local level, which then trickles up to a state level and a federal level.

It’s about weaving a tight web of relationships around families that is made stronger by our diversity and that can act as a safety net when other safety systems are disappearing.

It’s about building trust and investment in each other in order to make our community a safer place.

How do we move this work forward?
NPC works to amplify the voice and power of Northsiders through our nonprofit and civic capacity-building work in grassroots leadership development and coalition-building. We accomplish this through the Northside News, the Northside Community Council, community forums and meetings, grassroots organizing, the annual North Star Awards, and our developing role as a backbone organization for the Northside.

NPC works to enhance family stability while creating a safer, stronger community. Through Stable Families, Strong Community, NPC has been able to employ eleven Neighborhood Navigators — a paid, leadership training experience for Northside residents. The Navigators reach out to some of our most vulnerable neighbors, helping to build trust and connect residents to resources and community engagement opportunities.

NPC works to improve the quality of life on the Northside by fostering economic vitality: creating living wage jobs, providing vocational training, developing small businesses, revitalizing our commercial district and strengthening our local food system. We do this work by operating FEED Kitchens, the FEED Bakery Training Program, Healthy Food For All, the Madison Public Market’s MarketReady Program, and the Northside Economic Development Coalition.

NPC initiates, facilitates, supports and enhances efforts in all of these areas on the Northside, but our work is entirely dependent on the valuable leadership, contributions and volunteer time of so many of you. NPC is made up of Northside residents. Learn more about our work and make a donation at http://northside

Northside Planning Council

The mission of the Northside Planning Council is to improve the quality of life and foster equity on the Northside through community organizing and economic development.

Our Major Initiatives

Northside Economic Development Coalition

Northside Economic Development Coalition