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Northside Changemaker: Terri Hatchett

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Terri Hatchett was one of the first neighborhood navigators in NPC’s Stable Families, Strong Communities program. She was a natural for the role with her strength, empathy, trust, resilience and optimism. She was a navigator before the position even existed. She’s always thinking of others. When she was in a laundromat and shots were fired, she immediately checked on the safety of everyone there, despite the fear she must have felt.

Terri seems to know everybody, everywhere in Madison. When a family is evicted, when a child needs to go the hospital, when a young woman is being exploited, when youth need constructive things to do, Terri can be found there helping. She willingly walks into challenging situations to be there for others. Despite the various challenges Terri has faced in her life, she is always there, always participating.

Terri finds the silver lining in every situation and works constructively to solve problems.  Her positive attitude and her interest in helping systems improve help make those systems much more responsive for countless residents. A gifted writer, she is credited with being able to say things, even hard things, in ways that people can hear them. Terri Hatchett makes the Northside a better place for all of us.

Northside Planning Council

The mission of the Northside Planning Council is to improve the quality of life and foster equity on the Northside through community organizing and economic development.

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Northside Economic Development Coalition