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North Star Award Recipient – Shirley Raymakers

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Since 2013 Shirley has served as a front office volunteer for the North/Eastside Senior Coalition each Monday afternoon. She also volunteers on NESCO’s Resource Development Committee, at St. Peter’s Catholic Church Church and at the Lindbergh Elementary School and Lake View Elementary School libraries.

At NESCO, Shirley welcomes senior clients and visitors, handles calls, registers folks for programs and an-swers questions about our programs and services. Her friendly demeanor helps foster a warm environment in our office.

As a member of the NESCO Resource Development Committee, Shirley helps develop resources to reach seniors and their family members in need of help. She also helps develop strategies that increase the visibility of NESCO’s work in the community and the resources available to our agency.

Since retiring in 2011 Shirley has been volunteering as a librarian at Northside libraries, schools and churches. Shirley assists with time-consuming cataloging so other librarians can focus on providing quality experiences for our community outside of the bookshelves. She also helps prepare for children’s classes and interacts with them at the library.

Whether working at NESCO or in one of our community’s libraries, her reasons for volunteering are the same: she believes in the resources in our community, she wants to make sure people are supported and she believes it is important to unconditionally give back.

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The mission of the Northside Planning Council is to improve the quality of life and foster equity on the Northside through community organizing and economic development.

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