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North Star Award Recipient – Jean Beckwith

Jean was nominated by Kim Babler for her role in organizing the new Fieldstone Neighborhood Association.

Kim wrote in her nomination:

“Jean Beckwith is the leader of our new neighborhood association developed to address neighborhood issues and encourage relationships in an area that has both owners and tenants and she has taken on the tough startup job. Working with government officials, law enforcement and interested neighbors she has approached the organizational process professionally and sensitively. It takes an even-handed approached to blend together a neighborhood that previously had no real connections. While this is a work in progress, she has given us a good beginning and every prospect of succeeding.

“Jean has the leadership qualities that help neighbors focus on addressing problems and improving the local community environment. She is persuasive and patient, important virtues when corralling public officials interest on our problems. She is a good problem solver, helping people get to view issues through various lenses in order to understand each party’s interests and concerns. She then takes people through resolution pathway, sorting and then settling on an approach that will gain the best result. Jean has helped us find an organizational personality. Especially with different perspectives that property owners possess, with some resident owners and some non-resident; and tenants, some long term and others passing through; finding the common interest, and sustaining it requires both persistence as well as enthusiastic promotion. Jean is impressive as wife, mother, and career woman who decided to help her neighbors join together to improve their community life. She deserves to be recognized as a new leader who has already achieved significant results.”

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