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Managing Editor’s Column: February/March 2018

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It’s old habit, or practical necessity. Either way, like a true Wisconsinite, I find my columns often turning to talk of the weather. The Northside News nearly demands it. As a bimonthly newspaper, it shoulders a seasonal arc more so than its daily or weekly counterparts. Each issue is a taste of the months ahead; and yet, each issue drags behind it the energy of the past month, slowly shedding the weeks of work that carry it to inception.

The same Northside News issue—December/January—both ends a year and begins a new one. To me, this issue for February and March feels more like the real beginning. It shares with us a January still shaking out holiday aches. It promises spring.

In this issue, Northsiders move—

—out of winter. The shoveling, the heating bills, the runny noses will stretch the season. But the days are getting longer. We celebrate holiday giving and escape the tight air squeezed behind windows and doors closed against the cold.

—into Black History Month. Madison’s February is filled with events to recognize the accomplishments of African Americans throughout history, and to honor both the monumental and the every day contributions that have shaped our country’s history—contributions that often go overlooked. What does Black History Month on the Northside mean to you? How will you celebrate? Let us know; we may share your words and recommendations on our website or Facebook page. Throughout the month of February, we’ll compile a list of local Black History Month events at We’ll make sure to share events that all ages can participate in. We will highlight events located on the Northside but will also include events happening around Madison.

—into spring. Community GroundWorks plants seeds, area nonprofits invite volunteers and Northsiders prepare for elections. As you venture outside, send us your photos of the Northside; read more on page 14 about a special upcoming issue featuring these images.

—into the New Year. We are moving into spring, but also into a New Year. For our schools, this means beginning a semester while planning ahead for summer activities, and— already—an approaching fall. It means welcoming new leadership to the Northside; both for local nonprofits, and for our neighborhoods. As you read through the paper, keep an eye out for highlighted opportunities for residents to receive support for community projects (pages 13 and 23, among others).

As we look back on January and look forward to February and March, we will continue to invite community voices. Your words are the heart of community journalism. Hear them on page 6, in a heartfelt farewell to Jim’s Meat Market. Read them on the facing page, in the Letters to the Editor. Speak them: let us know your plans for Black History Month.

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