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Managing Editor’s Column: December/January 2018

Many thanks to everyone who sent in articles and photos for this issue. We received so many submissions that we couldn’t fit them all into our 28 pages. Fortunately, we have an online home for the pieces that aren’t published here:

This month, visit our website for a chance to read about Northsiders responding to natural disaster in Puerto Rico, where American citizens are still without food, water, electricity and other basic needs. We hear from people donating time, money and talents in solidarity with the strength shown on the ground there; even thousands of miles away, the wake of this tremendous devastation touches our community.

Our front page features Mendota Elementary’s new food pantry and community school resource coordinator, Sonia Spencer. Online, read about Spencer’s transition into this role and about other services provided by Mendota’s Family Resource Center. Another article highlights Mendota’s successful fundraiser for new playground equipment.

Meet the Northside volunteers who help monitor the water quality of our lakes and preview the family-friendly Frozen Assets festival hosted by the Clean Lakes Alliance — a chance to enjoy Lake Mendota during the depths of a Wisconsin winter.

And join us in congratulating the Latino Academy of Workforce Development for their grant from A Fund for Women. Although they aren’t based on the Northside, they are a program of Vera Court Neighborhood Center, where they originated.

These are some of the articles available at I recognize that while internet access is becoming more readily available and affordable, there are still many barriers to accessing online resources. Northside community resources like Lakeview Library, Warner Park Community Recreation Center and other neighborhood centers may offer some of the tools and support you need to get online.

The purpose of the Northside News is to share the work being done within Northside neighborhoods: to recognize the challenges, successes and small moments that constitute a community. I thank Kathlean Wolf for sharing this page with me, and for her willingness to delve into difficult conversations that, while reflective of national news, carry the risks that reach us at home.

Northside Planning Council

The mission of the Northside Planning Council is to improve the quality of life and foster equity on the Northside through community organizing and economic development.

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