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FEED Operations Committee: Sept. 28, 2015 Agenda and Action Items

FEED Operations Committee Meeting        Sept. 28, 2015

FEED Conference Room

Present: Lauri Lee, Chris Brockel, Lisa Wiese, Abha Thakkar, Karin Cretney, Martee Mikalson, Terrie Anderson


  1. DVR placements
  2. Goodman Center pie baking
  3. Harvest event
  4. Equipment needs
  5. Value added products updates

Decisions Made

  • Settled on timesheet and reporting procedures for DVR employees (sign iPad)
  • Third DVR placement, starting Oct. 12, to act as operations assistant
  • Need to communicate with Goodman Center about their scheduled pie baking
  • More users in Kitchens will impact their ability to use the entire facility as they did last year, produce kitchen is booked during their bake time.
  • At-capacity freezer and cooler space means they will not be able to cool and freeze 2500 pies while here.
  • Repairs to cooler/freezer after their last baking session mean they cannot overload cooler and freezer, even if space allowed.
  • Suggest they get a refrigerated truck (Schoeps?) for this purpose.
  • Need to set a temperature for foods to go into cooler and freezer to avoid the repairs we’ve had when things go in too warm and warm the rooms up.
  • We may need to charge more for freezer shelf space than cooler shelf space, as we are almost out.
  • Another option is a 12×12 foot freezer that could be installed in the northwest corner of the dry storage room. Cost: $14,000.
  • Bill Lubing, Kelly Warren and Lisa Wiese met to explore options for value added products for local farmers.
  • Need to establish how much time it takes to produce value-added products to determine cost.

Action Items

  • Martee will send the ad created for Northside News for the FEED portion of the NorthGate Harvest Festival out to users.
  • Martee and/or Adam will contact Goodman Center to discuss pie baking session.
  • Establish temperature for items to go into cooler and into freezer—Martee and/or Adam
  • Develop recipes for value-added products and establish time to produce and cost to produce—Lisa

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