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FEED Operations Committee: Nov. 9, 2015 Agenda and Action Items

FEED Operations Committee Meeting, Nov. 9, 2015

FEED Conference Room

Present:  Lisa Wiese, Adam Haen, Lauri Lee, Abha Thakkar, Martee Mikalson, Chris Brockel, Karin Cretney


  1. FEED Operations Coordinator Position description
  2. Common Council Meeting—Public Market Support
  3. Food Entrepreneurs Council
  4. DVR Employees
  5. Contract changes


  • Tweaked position description for presentation to board
  • Will voice support of moving Public Market schedule up
  • We are the logical place to re-introduce a Food Entrepreneurs Council or Group
  • Give DVR employee one more chance, with stepped up supervision, in order to be able to fairly evaluate him at the end of his tenure.
  • See if other DVR employee can change hours from four 5-hour days to five 4-hour days to have better coverage.

Action Plan:

  • Terrie will write letter to alders, on behalf of Board of Directors, in support of Public Market in the current budget, citing Food Corridor.
  • Abha will send Terrie language re: Food Corridor.
  • Adam will initiate discussion with early players in the food entrepreneur coalition group.
  • Martee will continue to give DVR employee additional direction and supervision for the remaining two weeks of his DVR contract.
  • Adam will contact other DVR employee and his job coach about potential change in hours.

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