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FEED Operations Committee: Nov. 2, 2015 Agenda and Action Items

FEED Operations Committee Meeting, 11-2-15

FEED Conference Room

Present: Lisa Wiese, Karin Cretney, Martee Mikalson, Abha Thakkar, Chris Brockel, Terrie Anderson


  1. Contract legal review
  2. Basecamp tutorial
  3. Budget Update
  4. Hiring a facility manager
  5. User orientation changes


  • We will hire a lawyer to go over contract, as UW law school not an option because of time
  • With USDA grant, some of Adam’s salary is covered for devoting 25% of his hours to Marketing & Outreach. This increases the need for additional coverage by staff in Kitchens. One option: take the three part-time jobs that are in the budget (Billing & Scheduling Assistant, Food Processing Coordinator, FEED Facility Manager) and make them 1 FTE position—Operations Coordinator, hire for the hours we can afford as soon as possible.
  • User orientation will now be a 6-hour process consisting of:
    • 5 hours of orientation with Adam or multiple half-hour sessions
    • – 2.5 hours of working alongside with an experienced user – either on the new user’s time or apprenticing an experienced user
    • – 1 hour of walk-through exam with staff/experienced user
    • – 1 check-out procedure with staff after their first-time use

Action Items:

  • Martee will pursue a lawyer who may donate a portion of the review or work pro bono
  • Terrie rewrite FEED summary paragraph for 100+ Women Who Care
  • Abha, Martee, Adam and Chris will write a position description for Operations Coordinator.

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