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FEED Operations Committee: Nov. 16, 2015 Agenda and Action Items

FEED Operations Committee Meeting, November 16, 2015

FEED Conference Room

Present:  Martee Mikalson, Abha Thakkar, Lauri Lee, Karin Cretney, Terrie Anderson, Chris Brockel, Lisa Wiese, Nikki Sanders, Adam Haen


  1. Insurance update
  2. DVR employees
  3. Storage space needs
  4. Garbage disposal fundraising
  5. Scheduling—set tours, user meeting, quarterly bazaars


  • Martee and Adam will do a complete appraisal of kitchen equipment.
  • With Chris on staff, he and Adam will share supervision of DVR employees, and Martee will stop her involvement.
  • Another DVR employee currently working for MUM may be able to take over some of the custodial duties for FEED for three months, should we choose not to keep one of the current DVR custodial workers.
  • The fact that we can’t accept any new renters who would need freezer, cooler or dry storage space means that we must explore options for additional storage space.
  • Second large mixer must be purchased before any other improvements, due to ever-increasing usage.
  • Dish Room use will count as kitchen use for rental. This covers the situation of food carts that rent storage space but cook in their carts and only use Dish Room in addition to storage.
  • Time clock needed to implement Dish Room only use.
  • Extend fundraising deadline for garbage disposal one week, remind users and put on Facebook.
  • User meeting set for Tues. Dec. 8, 5:00, before info meeting.
  • FEED tours for the public set for Saturdays @ 2 pm, Wednesdays @ 5:30 pm, and Thursdays @ 12 noon.
  • Quarterly bazaars scheduled for Feb. 6—3 to 6 pm, April 30—4 to 7 pm, and August 6—4 to 7 pm.

Action Items

  • Take a video of all kitchen equipment, showing brands and model numbers, as possible—Adam
  • Determine whether member equipment stored at FEED is covered under our insurance policy—Abha
  • Get valuation of building from Engineered Construction—Adam
  • Print out a list of what has been purchased from Kessenich’s—Martee
  • Inquire with DVR about potential to continue DVR employees for three months @ $6.50/hour, with DVR picking up other half of salary—Karin
  • Get costs for outdoor rental freezer—Adam
  • Measure space available for outdoor freezer—Adam
  • Clarify Dish Room use in contract/handbook—Team
  • Select time clock—Adam and Abha
  • Reminder email to users for garbage disposal—Adam or Abha
  • Put garbage disposal fundraiser on Facebook—Terrie
  • Check with trained volunteers about covering FEED tours—Karin

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