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Northside Planning Council - NPC

FEED Operations Committee: July 6, 2015 Agenda and Action Items

11 am   FEED conference room

Present: Martee Mikalson, Chris Brockel, Adam Haen, Abha Thakkar, Terrie Anderson


  1. Pressing needs for FEED operations
  2. Re-education of users on procedures/introduction of FOC
  3. Volunteers and other FEED assistance
  4. Walk-through inspections needed when Adam not present
  5. Upcoming expenditures for FEED
  6. Financial considerations
  7. Opportunities


Action Items:

  1. Martee drafted letter to users re: FOC, maintenance and cleaning. Edit letter—Terrie. Distribute—Martee
  2. Ask users to attend one of two meetings to go over maintenance procedures and sign agreement statements—Adam/Martee
  3. Determine whether Noelle Brusky has skills to reinstitute FEED newsletter, and update social media and website—Adam
  4. Interview DVR candidates for part time cleaning and office assistance—Adam
  5. Update walk-through checklist, secure volunteers, train, set up online calendar—Adam, Terrie, Abha
  6. Secure quotes on following potential expenditures
  • Garbage disposal, plumbing, electrical—Adam
  • Mixer—Martee
  • Storage unit—Adam
  • Pallet jack—Adam
  • Infrared thermometer—Martee
  • Curb to ramp alterations—Terrie
  1. Meet to organize books—Adam and Abha
  2. Get printing specs to MG&E for possible donation—Terrie
  3. Write letter of intent to MCF for equipment purchase—Chris
  4. Follow up with Pleasant Rowland Foundation—Terrie

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