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Northside Planning Council - NPC

FEED Operations Committee: July 27, 2015 Agenda and Action Items

FEED Conference Room
Present: Adam Haen, Mary Ambrosavage, Chris Moore, Noelle Brusky, Kelly Warren, Lisa Wiese, Chris Brockel, Dave Meyer, Abha Thakkar, Terrie Anderson, Martee Mikalson, Dale Matthews


  1. Outreach updates
  2. Edible Startup Summit
  3. Dane County Farmers Market Opportunities
  4. Trainings
  5. Translated info sessions
  6. Info session
  7. Tours
  8. User contracts/operating procedures
  9. Quarterly Bazaar—A Taste of FEED
  10. Communications

Action Items


  • Members will send potential donors of scholarship sponsorships for Edible Startup Summit to Kelly.
  • Kelly and Dale will discuss value-added products with farmers, to start planning for next year at area farmers markets.
  • Kelly will finalize instructor for tomato canning demonstration sponsored by Dane County Farmers Market at FEED in August.
  • Info session to be scheduled for January for DCFM farmers who are considering value-added production at FEED.


  • Info sessions with Spanish translation will be offered quarterly, due to success of session with Centro Hispano.
  • Info session to be held with Hmong translation with Peng Herr.
  • Kelly and Noelle will be trained to give info sessions, using the prepared Power Point.
  • Martee, Noelle and Chris B. will attend the Aug. 25 info session.
  • Walk-in tours will be scheduled for twice weekly times and volunteers will be trained to lead them.

Contracts/Operating Procedures

  • Work group formed to rewrite user contract—Martee, Dave, Abha, Noelle, Adam.
  • All FEED Operations Committee members will review contracts and submit suggested changes to work group by the end of the week.
  • Operating procedures will be refined in conjunction with contracts.

A Taste of FEED

  • Poster will be updated to reflect users participating and entertainment
  • Volunteer sign-up will be updated with Grow Academy and River/Mum students who will work the event, NPC board to fill in remaining roles.


  • Abha will update the websites of Northside Planning Council, Northside News and FEED to have similar look.
  • Alders will be utilized to disseminate event info to neighborhood/community Facebook pages and listservs.

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