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Northside Planning Council - NPC

FEED Operations Committee: July 13, 2015 Agenda and Action Items

Attending: Dale Mathews, Kelly Warren, Lisa Wiese, Noelle, Chris Brockel, Abha Thakkar, Lauri Lee, Martee Mikalson
Chair Martee Mikalson opened meeting at 12:30 pm


  1. Update from Outreach Coordinator, Kelly Warren
  2. Action Team structure
  3. August 8 Summer Bazaar
  4. Update on Madison Community Foundation letter of intent
  5. New name for FOC?
  6. Equipment needs update


Action Items:

  1. Edible Startup Summit, August 24-26 at Goodman Community Center –follow-up regarding possible scholarships for registrations? Kelly?
  2. Need FEED volunteers for MadCity Bazaar, first and third Sat/Sun through September; July 18-19 covered by Lisa Wiese and Chris Brockel
  3. Need volunteers for set-up/take-down for FEED Summer Bazaar on August 8
  4. Lauri Lee will change RSVP email in Northside News ad to
  5. Martee and Noelle will put together photo spread and promotional materials for Summer Bazaar for August/September Northside News (deadline: Monday, July 20 to
  6. Lauri Lee will send a brief article about August 18 open house to Dale Matthews so he can publicize to other newspapers
  7. Kelly Warren will help publicize August 8 Summer Bazaar, July 25 and August 25 Information Sessions and August 18 Open House via her media contacts
  8. Chris Brockel will help publicize events via Dane County Food Coalition listserv
  9. Kelly Warren will coordinate an instructor-specific tour of FEED
  10. Perhaps have someone who can assist people with licensing questions at August 18 open house? Chris Brockel might help with this?
  11. Initiate the following Community Action Teams to include NPC Board members, external partners and interested community volunteers: FEED Marketing & Outreach; FEED Business Incubation; FEED Volunteer Development. The activities of these teams will be coordinated by the FEED Operations Committee, which will also manage facilities and maintenance issues. The FOC will provide each team with a charge, and each team will develop its own specific action items, budget and fundraising plan for its activities. Abha will develop this flowchart and send out to FOC for feedback. Each team will be staffed by Abha and/or Adam, as appropriate.
  12. Lauri Lee will explore a revised name for the FOC so that the acronym is easier on the ears.
  13. Chris Brockel will submit a letter of intent to Madison Community Foundation for their current funding cycle to request much needed FEED equipment. This is due Wednesday, July 15.
  14. Abha will create sign-up sheet for FEED nightly “inspection” walkthroughs by NPC Board members and interested volunteers.
  15. Adam will modify volunteer inspection walkthrough guide so that it identifies equipment/issues on a room-by-room basis.
  16. We will ask Mary to develop publicity flyer for August 8 Summer Bazaar.
  17. Adam/Martee will work together to put up a Calendar of Events dry erase board at the Kitchens.


Upcoming Events:

July 24 – Centro Hispano tour of FEED
July 25 – Information Session, 2 – 3:30 pm
August 8: FEED Summer Bazaar – volunteers needed for set-up and take-down, 4 – 7:30 pm
August 17 – Centro Hispano tour of FEED
August 18: Open house targeted at South Madison entrepreneurs, 6 – 7:30 pm
August 24 – 26 – Edible Startup Summit at Goodman Community Center
August 25: Informational Session, 6 – 7:30 pm
September 8 – Centro Hispano tour of FEED

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