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Northside Planning Council - NPC

FEED Operations Committee: August 3, 2015 Agenda and Action Items

FEED Conference Room
Present: Karin Cretney, Martee Mikalson, Lisa Wiese, Lauri Lee, Dale Matthews, Kelly Warren, Terrie Anderson, Abha Thakkar, Adam Haen


  1. Introductions
  2. Financial Issues
  3. Monthly expenses/rent
  4. Outreach updates
  5. A Taste of FEED final plans

Action Items

Financial issues

  • Jill, Dave Adam and Abha meet with Apel Accounting 8/4.
    • Set up accurate monthly expenses projections
    • Streamline accounting/billing process
    • Go over coding so past income and expenses can be tracked accurately
  • Operating procedures/Contract work group will incorporate new payment policy in rewrite of contracts and user info.
    • If bills are not paid in 30 days from day bills are sent out, user will receive a warning reminder about policy.
    • If 45 days past due, user will be charged a 1.5% monthly interest charge on top of original bill.
    • If not paid in 60 days from billing date, credit card is charged for the original amount and interest.

Monthly expenses/rent

  • Abha will calculate accurate monthly expenses once accounting snafus are ironed out.
  • Lauri and Abha will collaborate on options for future rent payments to Alexander Company.

Outreach updates

  • Kelly Warren will co-chair the Marketing and Outreach action team.
  • Dane County Farmers Market will hold three canning workshops at FEED with Polly Reott as instructor.
  • Kelly will pursue demo mirror needed for canning workshops via ReStore.
  • Kelly will prioritize Peng Her and Hmong info sessions as she curtails her other outreach due to decreased hours for August.

A Taste of FEED planning

  • Chris Moore and Dale will meet at River late Friday to load 4 tables and 36 chairs. Unload on Saturday morning.
  • Nikki will take care of Fired Up Pottery, student will be assistant.
  • Lauri and Jill will manage FEED info table.
  • Lisa will act as food runner and crisis intervention.
  • Chris Moore will direct people and do crowd control.
  • Nine students will be at event to assist, 3 each from The River, MUM, and Grow Academy programming.
  • Carmella and Tina will supervise students.
  • A student will enforce the rule that kids need to be with a parent.
  • Tina will work with students on cookie decorating.
  • Tina will supervise training and baking kitchens.
  • Carmella will supervise deli kitchen.
  • Adam will ask Madison Chocolate Co. to supervise the meat kitchen.
  • Martee’s husband will be in charge of beverages.
  • Fire truck can park where food carts currently park, to be seen from street, but not block view of activities, while maintaining access to quick departure if called.
  • Pottery demo will set up adjacent to planter and picnic table.
  • Prizes
    • Lauri will plan prize table.
    • Martee will get school supplies.
    • Lauri has tickets for kids’ prize tickets.
    • Martee will bring buckets with slots for adult drawings for prizes.
    • Terrie, Martee and Lauri will meet 8 am Wed., 8/5, to arrange adult prizes.
  • Kids will get prize tickets for participating in events, and for doing scavenger hunt—Abha will make up scavenger hunt sheet.
  • Lauri will ask for beverage donations from various stores.
  • Lisa will donate case of mineral water.
  • Adam will ask Janet Chen’s husband to play 4:30 to 6:00.
  • Lauri will give Kim $10 from Terrie for dinner.
  • Martee will see if musicians can get cart food.
  • Invite your friends and neighbors to a new phase of FEED.

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