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FEED Operations Committee: Aug. 31, 2015 Agenda and Action Items

FEED Operations Committee Meeting Agenda, Decisions, Action Items

FEED Conference Room

August 31, 2015

Present: Chris Brockel, Abha Thakkar, Martee Mikalson, Kelly Warren, Lisa Wiese, Lauri Lee , Terrie Anderson


  1. Marketing Updates
  2. Regular facility cleaning
  3. Food policy groups
  4. User meetings
  5. Issues with receiving at Kitchens
  6. Issues with billing users
  7. User contract and handbook
  8. Thank you procedure

Decisions Made

  • Committee members will need to oversee the work of the two DVR clients who will be cleaning 20 hours/week for 90 days, as they are learning procedures. (May be able to reduce walk-through inspections as this regular cleaning gets done.)
  • Working with Community Support Network clients postponed due to no clients currently available for the light housekeeping we agreed upon.
  • Adam and Martee created a facility cleaning schedule that will be coordinated with the schedules of users and the times that the two DVR cleaners are here and another cleaner, a MUM bakery student who is authorized to clean when not in production.
  • Presenting at Madison Food Policy Council was delayed until October meeting, due to our still-unreliable financials. But we should schedule a tour specifically for area folks involved in food policy.
  • Best practice would be to have staff or volunteer check new users in and out. Ask users at remaining user meetings whether they’d be interested in earning credit to walk new users through their first use of Kitchens if staff not available.
  • It would be most effective for each user to develop their own cleaning checklist based on their particular product and use. Try to make creating this part of the intake process.
  • Receiving deliveries for users is taking too much manager time, and time of whomever is in Kitchen when they arrive. In order to evaluate who, how much, etc. for the next quarter or so, anyone who receives an order will fill out a short form indicating how long they spent receiving and divvying or storing deliveries and staple to packing slips. FOC will collect the data for future decision making on passing this time expense on to the users.
  • A relational database is needed to facilitate user billing before we add many more complexities to the billing process. Abha and Adam will work on this, hopefully in October.
  • Fees may have to be raised slightly for 2016, possibilities include a fee for R&D time in Kitchen, receiving surcharges.
  • Terrie and Martee will compare other Kitchen handbooks to FEED’s and suggest changes to handbook and perhaps contract.
  • We will clarify scheduling requirements for time in advance and cancellation, set fees for not meeting requirements—booking fees.
  • Cut marketing volunteer more slack due to family emergencies through Sept. 14 before checking in with her more actively about her availability.
  • Range of thank-you letter options will be compiled and a suggested donation letter and procedure for doing thank yous will be developed and sent to fundraising team for approval.
  • No meeting next week due to Labor Day.

Action Items

  • Kelly will send digital Tomato preservation flyer to Terrie to post on FEED Facebook page.
  • Kelly will participate in a Kitchen tour with Dan Stein and the Executive Director of Second Harvest to explore possibilities for collaboration.
  • Adam and Kelly set up a special tour for food policy people.
  • Abha and Adam determine interest at user meetings of receiving credit for time spent with a new user at initial uses.
  • Make developing personal cleanup checklist part of the intake process—Adam
  • Develop a half or quarter page receiving sheet for data collection, inform users who may do receiving—Adam (Noelle)
  • Send FEED user meeting spreadsheet to Chris M and Abha for updates from users—Terrie
  • Work on user handbook—Terrie and Martee
  • Look into security camera systems—Adam
  • Email entire board about need for volunteers for final MadCity Bazaar on 9/19 and 9/20—Terrie
  • Compile thank you formats used in past and propose new procedure, send to fundraising action team for approval—Terrie
  • Lauri will take notes on 9/14.


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