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FEED Operations Committee: Aug. 24, 2015 Agenda and Action Items

FEED Operations Committee Meeting

August 24, 2015

FEED Conference Room

Present: Abha Thakkar, Lauri Lee, Martee Mikalson, Dave Meyer, Karin Cretney, Chris Brockel, Lisa Weise, Terrie Anderson


  1. Financial Update
  2. Past due accounts
  3. Credit card service charges
  4. Staff Update
  5. DVR meeting
  6. CSN interest
  7. Check-ins from other FEED teams
  8. Volunteer Updates
  9. Management of sign ups and scheduling
  10. Equipment/Facilities Update – Nightly sheet review
  11. User Update
  12. User meeting: agenda, facilitation
  13. Response to meeting invite
  14. Upcoming Events

Decisions Made

  • Community Support Network will be asked to assign a client and job coach to the task of dusting conference room, washing windows and cleaning bathrooms, after we have a regular cleaning person in place. Terrie will oversee initial cleaning sessions.
  • Business Incubation team will put together a menu of services offered and set Jan. 1 as a goal for launching incubation services.
  • Volunteer coordinator, Chris Moore, will manage sign-up and scheduling for events, info sessions, tours, kitchen use, etc.
  • A camera security system costing no more than $500 will be purchased, funds allowing, and installed to address a number of issues:
  • Proof of user time in kitchens–in/out, loading, deliveries make key card a poor time clock; and there is some suspicion that user logs are not 100% accurate.
  • Prevent ongoing theft issues—both from users and from Kitchen. Well over $500 of supplies and equipment has gone missing. Thefts have occurred from user lockers, purses and bags, and from the manager’s office.
  • Proof of kitchen condition after a user departs and time spent cleaning space for others, time currently reimbursed by FEED. This will allow consequences for not leaving space clean to be implemented.
  • Due to poor response to email message about user meetings, a list of users who work at least twice a month will be compiled, with contact information; and users will be phoned by FOC members to get commitments to attend one of the four meetings.
  • First user meeting rescheduled for 9/8 at 9 am.
  • Agenda developed for user meetings.
  • We will explore options for exterior electrical outlets, allowing us to provide power to food carts and meter the use, to charge for use. A donor has offered $1000 toward the installation of outlets.
  • Shared space expectations will be clarified at user meetings and a set of escalating consequences, with the final consequence of denial of use, established for repeat offenders.

Action Items

  • Abha will check with accountants about best practices for credit card service fees, so we can explore options for defraying this drain on revenue.
  • Abha will convey decision regarding cleaning to CSN.
  • Terrie will send Lauri and Fatou the incubation resource list developed by the Advisory Team during planning phase.
  • Chris Moore, Abha and Adam set up systems for scheduling and sign ups.
  • Adam will explore options for camera security system.
  • Abha and Terrie will compile list of users and contact info.
  • Abha will develop 3-point script for phone calls to users about user meetings.
  • Everyone will phone users to request their attendance at one of the four user meetings to discuss policy changes.
  • Adam will set up a meeting with an electrician to confirm pricing.
  • Everyone send questions we need answered about exterior outlets to Abha.
  • Terrie will clarify whether users can sell product at the FEED table at Community GroundWorks’ Good Food Garden Party.
  • Adam will inform users of opportunity to showcase products and info at GFGP.
  • Lauri will plan the display table for GFGP.
  • Abha and Chris will staff the table.
  • Martee will develop a list of food suppliers to contact to encourage FEED use for demos.
  • Mary will develop a hand out for Martee to distribute at Circle of Food.
  • Business planning group will identify main new user markets.

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