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Northside Planning Council - NPC

FEED Operations Committee: Aug. 17, 2015 Agenda and Action Items

FEED Operations Committee Meeting

August 17, 2015

FEED Conference Room

Present: Adam Haen, Martee Mikalson, Abha Thakkar, Chris Brockel, Lauri Lee, Terrie Anderson, Lisa Wiese


  1. Financial updates
  2. User concerns
  3. Policy changes
  4. User meetings
  5. Facilities oversight
  6. Upcoming Events

Decisions Made:

  • Finance team will follow up on accounts over 90 days past due.
  • Finance team to approve any fiscal policy changes. (Larger discussion of decision making structure to occur at next board meeting.)
  • Policy changes will take effect Oct. 1 along with new user contracts.
  • Contracts will be effective from Oct. 1 through the end of 2016.
  • Four user meetings (attended by board members) will be held to present proposed changes and gather input. Scheduled for a morning, an afternoon, an evening and a weekend to accommodate users’ schedules.
  • Users will be solicited to join FEED committees.
  • Hold quarterly info/listening sessions for users
  • All board members need to help with the walk-through inspections.
  • Join NorthGate’s Fall Festival by holding our Birthday Bash, quarterly bazaar during the festival.

Action Items:

  • Generate past-due invoices—Abha
  • Check with Mary Pat Carlson for industry standard on overdue accounts policies. (She still owes us consulting time.)—Abha
  • Respond to Walt’s email—Lisa
  • Send message to users announcing meetings—Abha
  • Schedule an inspection training for remaining board members and volunteers—Adam

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