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Northside Planning Council - NPC

FEED Operations Committee: Aug. 10, 2015 Agenda and Action Items

FEED Operations Committee Meeting

August 10, 2015

FEED Conference Room

Present: Martee Mikalson, Lauri Lee, Lisa Wiese, Adam Haen, Karin Cretney, Kelly Warren, Abha Thakkar, Terrie Anderson


  1. Events
  2. Debrief A Taste of FEED
  3. Tentative plans for next bazaar
  4. Mad City Bazaar volunteers for Sat. and Sun
  5.  Financial Update
  6. 90-day past due accounts
  7. August billing
  8. Accounts receivable and accounts payable updates
  9.  Staff Update
  10. Equipment/Facilities Update
  11. Check-ins from other FEED teams

Decisions Made:

  • Cleaning crew needed night before events, all users done 2 hours before opening.
  • Thank you email to those who signed up for door prizes, with link to blog address and option to sign up for enewsletters.
  • Bazaar will be Birthday Bash, 2 years old
  • Dale will to set up and take down for Sat. MadCity Bazaar
  • Terrie will do set up or take-down at Sun. MadCity Bazaar, need someone to do other on Sun.
  • Adam will work on 90-day past due accounts a little longer before board members take over contacting
  • Abha will check email for
  • Surveillance system top priority for equipment needs due to continuing thefts
  • MATC will be contacted about doing plumbing, electrical, etc. for FEED
  • Update Dropbox in 2016, to allow for more users and more storage.
  • Inspectors will photo form and email to inspectors email.
  • Inspectors will drop photos of violations into Dropbox folder
  • Hold monthly volunteer intake meetings
  • Institute 5% service charge for goods we purchase for users, with 9/1 start date

Action Items:

  • Thank you emails to prize sign-ups—Lauri
  • Explore logistics of holding Birthday Bash Bazaar and North Star Awards same weekend—Lauri
  • Someone needed to do either set-up or take-down at Sun. MadCity Bazaar—Everyone
  • Contact resource for new W-2 cleaning crew—Adam
  • Screening interview of DVR potential hires—Karin
  • Contact MATC plumbing dept for immediate sink needs—Martee
  • Need more coverage for walk-through inspections—Everyone
  • Create Inspectors email—Abha
  • Create a folder in Dropbox for photos of violations, giving us a paper trail for persistent problems–Abha
  • Set up training for tour guides—Adam
  • Revamp user contract and documentation procedures—Karin
  • Draft letter to users re: service fee, finance charges on late payments and upcoming contract changes—Terrie
  • Arrange for snacks for Dane County Farmers Market Tomato Preservation Class participants, Aug. 25, 6 pm—Martee

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