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FEED Bakery Training Program

www.northsidenews.orgFEED Bakery Oct 696x522 29b4018baeda5d94900f5b1ee5d19d9518bf990eFrom left to right, bakery student James Emery, instructor Jim McLaughlin, student William Crump, production staff Tristan Schobert-George and Amber Blumer, production manager Brendon Krueger, student Tony Jacques. Photo by Adam Haen

By Lauri Lee
Northside Planning Council

Individuals enrolled in the FEED Bakery Training program can take the fast route to a new career. The 90-day short-term program, offered four times a year, is a fit for those who are:

  • looking for an entry-level job, but need life skills and/or job skills.
  • entering the workforce for the first time.
  • seeking a better paying job or a more fulfilling career.
  • retraining for a new career.
  • refreshing skills in order to start a food business or strengthen their resume.
  • wanting to learn something new.

The bakery training is provided at FEED Kitchens, a certified, state-of-the-art commercial kitchen with commercial-grade equipment. The training team has an accumulated 80-plus years of experience in the food service industry. The class size is small, there is financial aid for those who qualify and placement assistance is offered. The training is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with the next session starting Monday, Oct. 16, and ending Jan. 31, 2018. Time off is scheduled during the holidays.

Immersive hands-on training is achieved through making the bakery items sold wholesale and retail by FEED Bakery to local grocery stores and businesses, at local farmers markets and through online orders.

In addition to baking, students work on life skills, sales, marketing and customer service skills. Training also includes culinary techniques, knife skills, commercial kitchen equipment use, food safety, baking practices, product packaging and baking math. At the end of training, students take the ServSafe and Wisconsin Bakers certification tests.

To sign up, individuals must complete an application (visit and be interviewed to participate in the program. The completed application can be emailed to or brought to FEED Kitchens at 1219 N. Sherman Ave. For questions, please contact Martee at 230-1224.

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