Many Northside residents have been asking how they can contribute to creating safer communities. The Northside Planning Council developed this list of local resources to support this work. If you would like to suggest a local resource for this page, please contact Oona Mackesey-Green at or at 608-204-7015.

Sorting the Resources

Most of these resources are located directly on the Northside. Some categories with only a few resources located nearby also list city or county resources that are available to Northsiders. You can see all resources located on the Northside by using the filter “Northside.”

The “Bi or Multilingual” category lists resources with specific services or programs that are provided in more than one language. Resources in other categories may also provide some bi or multilingual services as well.

The “Volunteer” category shows organizations that list volunteer opportunities online and are located on the Northside.

It may take several moments for the resource list below to appear.