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NPC 20th Anniversary

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You’re invited to the Northside Planning Council’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.

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This is, after all, a party!

  • Enjoy fine catered hors d’ouevres from Blue Plate Catering, a cash bar with wine, beer and soft drinks, and a dessert potluck from the Northside’s best bakers.
  • Take in musical entertainment from some of our talented neighbors and friends.
  • Watch the submissions to our video contest (and learn who has won the two prizes!).
  • Spy old friends as they were in photos from yesteryear.
  • Listen to our own Paul Rusk tell the story of the Northside Planning Council’s origins, and to Rebecca Ryan of Next Generation inspiring us to take on new challenges and achieve greater successes.


6–7 pm: Mingle, visit information tables, grab a drink and a plate of food. Watch the video contest entries.
7–8 pm: Presentations by Paul Rusk, Rebecca Ryan, NPC Chair Sue Gleason and NPC Executive Director Karen Bassler.
8–9 pm: Take in musical performances, mingle and enjoy luscious desserts.


CoraWeiseMooreCora Wiese Moore

Cora Wiese Moore, an award-winning Celtic and Pedal harpist from Madison, WI. She began playing the harp six years ago and plays with the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra. Though only a junior at Madison East High School, Cora has won numerous awards and accolades — placing first in the 2011 District Solo and Ensemble competition for lever (Celtic) harp, and winning a gold medal at the State Exemplary Soloist Award.


JimCarrierJim Carrier

Jim Carrier is an award-winning journalist, author, filmmaker AND avid banjo player. He plays regularly with his bluegrass band, Kettle Moraine. He also wrote  The Librarian and the Banjo, a documentary about Dena Epstein, a musical librarian who documented the musical contributions of African slaves in the New World.






It wouldn’t be a celebration if not for the work of these heroes, our North Star Award winners

Suzette Ackerman, Lenny Alston, Jan Axelson, Christine Barrett, Rosemary Bass, Cheryl Batterman, Janet Battista, Sue Bauman, Brooksy Beilke-Skoug, Vernon Blackwell, Dorothy Borchardt, Dave Bruns, Don Bruns, Sherri Buck Baldwin, Rita Cairns, Tim Carlisle, Ron Chance, Mary Charnitz, Nan Cline, Andy & Jenny Czerkas, Diane Dabbert, Dayna Dalton, Virginia Davis, Margo Dixon, Kelly Donahue, Nelson & Annette Eisman, Johnny Ellis, Jeff Feinblatt, Jeannie Fiegel, Linda Foss, John Frey, Sue Gleason, Dave Golby, MarleneHardick, David & Azure Hart, Polly Hartman, Ray Hellmer, Mary Hill, Sean Storch & Sherie Hohs, Gerianne Holzman, Darlene Horner, Jack Hurst, Ronnie Inda, Lynette Jandl, Julie Johnson, Jill Jokela, Deb Jordan, Barb Karlen, Faisal Kaud, Kathy Kidd-Wuest, Roberta Kiesow, Lawrie Kobza, Doug & Joan Kozel, Judy Kreft, Pastor Gerry Kuhnke, Janet Kujak, Sol Levin, Greg Lofgren, Esteban Lorenzo, Lesleigh Luttrell, Joshua Lydick, Sandy Marrier, Capt. Mike Masterson, Dale and Randi Matthews, Tom Meikle, Dave Meyer, Amanda Meyer, Jim Mohrbacher, Sue Morrison, Kazoua Moua, Wendy Murvke, Mary Myers, Steve Nelson, Bruce Newton, Clare Norelle, Larry Olson, Kathy Oriel, Jennifer Peters, Marge Pitts, Rev. Carmen Porco, Mike & Barb Pratzel, Robert (Bob) Reuter, Mary Jo Rimkus, Marge Rohlfing, Greg Rosenberg, Paul Rusk, Yolanda Salazar, Julie Savidusky, Katie Scharf, Jody Schmitz, Jill & Kurt Schneider, Michael Schumacher, Mary Schumacher, Darlene Shell, Michael Shinners, Patricia Smith, Mayor Paul Soglin, Rebecca Starke, Steve Stricker, Soncerethia Clair Thomas, Jacki Thomas, Karen Thompson, Dennis Tiziani, Char Tortorice, Paul Van Rooy, Rhode Wanta, Betty Warren, Dorothy Wheeler, Lisa Wiese, Sharene Wilcox, Sandra Willis-Smith, Henry Wilson, Jeanne Witte, Pat Woicek, Sandy Wojtal-Weber, VamMeej & Kanglue Yang, Marcia Yapp


Alexander Company, Madison Mallards, Brentwood Village NA, Wild Warner, Blackhawk Spirit Club, East Bluff Assn., Lakeview Lutheran Church, MACLT Madison Community Foundation, North East Side Youth Basketball, North/Eastside Senior Coalition, ENJOY Program (NESCO), Northside Business Assn., Northside Community Council, Northside Timebank, Pierce’s Northside Market, Claudia Rosenbaum, Vera Court, Neighborhood Center, East Madison Little League, Margaret’s Fund, Boomerang’s Resale, Statue of Liberty Committee






The many nonprofits and neighborhood associations working on the Northside can be likened to the gears of a watch — hidden mechanisms that keep everything moving forward. But the intricacy and efficiency of those gears demands they be shown in all their glory. These organizations will be in attendance at the 20th Anniversary to share their latest projects and programs with you and answer your questions about their roles in keeping the Northside vibrant.

The Northside Planning Council is also taking this celebration as an opportunity to begin to give back to these groups. What could your neighborhood association do if you had an extra $250? The Northside Planning Council is developing a small grants program for Northside organizations, to give them the opportunity to do something new, build on existing projects or expand their reach. You can be in on the ground floor of this fund by purchasing an “I helped start the Northside Fund!” t-shirt at the Nov. 8 20th Anniversary Celebration.





Here’s to 20 more!

Reviewing our past 20 years of effort and achievement inspires us to set the bar high for the next two decades. What can we accomplish in the next 20 years if we put our minds to it?

That’s the key: Putting our minds to it. We need all hands on deck to develop a strong vision and a collaborative approach. In early 2014, the Northside Planning Council will be convening a Community Council — a group of individuals, organization representatives, elected officials, businessowners, social service providers and educators to — help us identify priorities for the Northside, but to also recognize and make use of opportunities for collaboration among Council members.

We’ll share more about the Community Council on Nov. 8 at the 20th Anniversary Celebration. Look for the kick-off meeting to be scheduled in January.





You’ll be able to spend an evening with many friends old and new, reconnecting and sharing over a plate of tasty treats.  Our elected officials will be there to hear from you what you’d like to see done in the halls of government.  Meet the board and staff of the Northside Planning Council and the many tremendous volunteers who help with all our programs and projects.




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Thank you to all our sponsors

Ale Asylum, Smart Dental, Magna Publications, UW Credit Union, The UPS Store, Madison Chiropractic – North, McKinney Dental, MG&E, Wegner CPA

Char & Dan Tortorice, Paul Rusk, Lesleigh Luttrell, Sue Gleason, Virginia Davis, Anita Weier, Muriel Simms, Rebecca Schumann,
Karen & Robert Thompson, Doug & Joan Kozel, Faisal Kaud, Nancy Stillwell, Gerianne Holzman & Rob Zimmerman, Ruth Dobbratz,
Former Mayor Sue Bauman, Marge Pitts, Michael & Nancy Shinners, Pat Morgan, Diane Dabbert, Terrie Anderson, Norm & Ruth Bryhan

Northside Planning Council

The mission of the Northside Planning Council is to improve the quality of life and foster equity on the Northside through community organizing and economic development.

Our Major Initiatives

Northside Economic Development Coalition

Northside Economic Development Coalition