Northside News Volunteers

The Northside News is compiled by volunteers writers, photographers and contributors. In each issue, nearly 40 community members provide news stories, features, columns, announcements and photos to provide Northside residents with a newspaper written for and by the community.

We often examine issues not covered by other media outlets. We present a balance of news and feature stories in each issue to provide a slice of Northside life so there is something for everyone.

The Northside News is a perfect way to get involved in your own community!

Experience as a writer or photographer is helpful but not necessary.

What kind of writers do you need?
The Northside News welcomes writers of all interests and abilities. We encourage residents of all ages, backgrounds and interests to become involved with the community newspaper.

We need writers interested in their community who can present the Northside angle to community issues. The key is to provide information directly relevant to Northside residents and inform them of issues taking place right in their own neighborhoods.

We are open to working with writers wishing to improve their writing skills and wish to send drafts of stories as issues progress.

What kind of photographers do you need?
Photographers with eyes for innovative, active photos are always needed! We often need photos to complement our articles. We also need photographers to cover events and provide photos for our other in-house publications and our website.

Photos opportunities are often known in advance, so photographers know about needs and events ahead of time. However, we sometimes have a last minute needs.

Digital photos are best for productio and do have a camera available for loan.

Can I be a writer and photographer?

How often should I contribute?
Your level of involvement is up to you. We ask that if you commit to an assignment that you follow it though to print, but if that is not possible, simply inform us in a timely manner.

We understand your volunteer time varies throughout the year, so any contributions you can provide are valued and welcomed!

How does this all work?
We hold a volunteer staff meeting meetings every other month. We evaluate the previous issue and discuss story and photo ideas and assignments. The meetings are also a chance for volunteers to meet each other and learn from each other.

Most communication is completed via email or phone. Stories and photos are emailed by deadlines via email.

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