The Northside has an exciting opportunity to employ up to six individuals from Northside neighborhoods to play a pivotal role in several exciting new initiatives. These Neighborhood Navigators will work to weave a tighter net of relationships between residents, civic groups, neighborhood centers, nonprofits and service providers with the goal of enhancing family stability and strengthening community.

The Northside Planning Council, in collaboration with the Northside Early Childhood Zone and the Safe & Thriving Community Initiative, will be hiring Neighborhood Navigators from the following neighborhoods:

  1. Brentwood Village apartments
  2. Mendota Elementary School attendance area
  3. Lindbergh Elementary School attendance area
  4. Lake View Elementary School attendance area
  5. Gompers Elementary School attendance area

The Northside Planning Council is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Duties of a Navigator

  • Navigators will help families and individuals overcome isolation, built trust and connect with opportunities that exist in the broader community.
  • Navigators will help to build resident engagement and participation in various programs and services and may work as part of multiple teams, including but not limited to:
    • The Northside Early Childhood Zone
    • The Safe & Thriving Community Initiative
    • Northside community school programs
    • Northside neighborhood center programs
    • The Northside Planning Council’s Capacity-Building Initiatives:
      • The Northside Community Council
      • The Northside Mutual Aid Network
      • Enhancing Food Access at the Co-op
      • The Many Voices Initiative of the Northside News
  • Through these initiatives, Navigators will assist with connecting the community around issues that affect families, including early childhood development, mental and physical health, food security, safety, employment, education, childcare, transportation and youth programming.
  • Navigators will spend much of their time engaging with the community, visiting homes, civic organizations, neighborhood centers and community events where residents congregate to offer personalized referral and connection to Northside programs and services while helping to deepen our understanding of the Northside’s many assets.
  • Navigators will help individuals and families access the tools and opportunities they need to transform their own lives, and, in some cases, the broader community.
  • Navigators will participate in ongoing evaluation and gather resident feedback to maximize the effectiveness of the initiatives they are involved with.

Essential qualities of a Navigator

  • Navigators must live on the Northside.
  • Navigators will already know and have the trust of many members of their community.  Are you an outgoing, approachable person that neighbors already look to for advice and support? Are you already involved with your community school, neighborhood center or church? If so, you’d make a great Navigator.
  • Navigators should believe in the potential of their neighborhood to be a welcoming, compassionate place and be committed to helping bring that potential to life.  
  • Navigators should have shared life experiences with residents and know what’s going on in the communities they serve. They are personally familiar with the challenges that affect their neighbor’s lives as well as the hidden resources in their neighborhoods that often go undiscovered. They should share similar values, racial and/or ethnic background and socioeconomic status, and they should speak the same language as the people they serve. Spanish and Hmong speakers are encouraged to apply.

Hours the Navigator will work
Approx. 12-16 hrs/week, depending on the individual’s needs and the needs of the program.

Flexibility on the part of the Navigator will be important. Working as part of a professional team, the Navigator will need to be available during some traditional daytime work hours. Working as part of the community, the Navigator will need to be available at night and on weekends when residents are gathering or available for a meeting. Specific hours will be negotiated based on the employee’s needs and the needs of the programs they are involved with.

$12.85/hr with the opportunity for performance-based raises.

Navigators will be provided with professional training, including but not limited to a foundation in various community change-making models, as well as intentional relationship-building and outreach strategies, community resources, boundary setting, confidentiality and team dynamics.

Formal training, supervision and ongoing mentoring will be provided by the Executive Director of the Northside Planning Council. Informal guidance will be provided by staff involved with related Northside initiatives.

Apply by Monday, April 24:

Please apply online or submit your application and an optional letter stating why you are interested in this position:

Northside Planning Council
1219 N. Sherman Ave.
Madison, WI  53704

*Applications are available online, via PDF or at Vera Court Neighborhood Center, Kennedy Heights Community Center, Northport and Packer Community Learning Centers, Warner Park Community Recreation Center, Lakeview Branch Library, Mendota Elementary School, Lake View Elementary School, Gompers Elementary School and Lindbergh Elementary School.

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